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Self Examination as a Chance Operation

by David Melrose

July 21 – September 5, 2009
This exhibition has been extented to Spetember 12

Tuesday, July 21, 6 - 8pm

Gallery hours:
Thursday – Saturday, 2 - 8pm

Images Above:
David Melrose, Self Examination as a Chance Operation, 2009, Selection from 20 Inkjet prints, 8 x 10 Inches each, Courtesy of the Artist.

“The law of chance, which embraces all other laws and is as unfathomable to us as the depths from which all life arises, can only be comprehended by complete surrender to the Unconscious. Maintain that whoever submits to the law attains perfect life." – Hans Arp

This is a selection of photographs.

They were taken randomly.

My phone made them.

The images are of my finger.

They are transcendent.

David Melrose lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His new pictures connect historically to Hans Arp (collage), John Cage (composition), and Brian Eno (oblique strategies). Melrose's work has been included in exhibitions at the East Islip Museum of Art, New York, the Fort Collins MOCA, Colorado, the Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York and most recently in Implant at the UBS Art Gallery, New York. His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, the New Yorker, Wallpaper and L Magazine amongst others. Melrose is the founder of 2100built, a sustainable design/build group.

The Wild Project, an environmentally conscious venue for contemporary theater, film, and visual arts, is dedicated to supporting the arts by offering space and resources to emerging artists. The first gallery and theatre space in New York City to have a green roof with numerous varieties of plant species, Wild Project's programming intends to cultivate a supportive artistic network, explore innovative and thoughtful approaches to art making and by doing so enrich the local community.

For more information please contact Hilary Schaffner at 212. 228.1195 or info@thewildproject.com

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