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April 17-30

Vera S.

Vera S. will show her delightful art in a display named, “A Tribute to Whimsy”. If you are a bit of a dreamer or you have a spot in your heart for whimsy this is not to be missed.

Vera has been drawing all her life but for a good many years she was a production artist in Corporate Graphics, first in St. Louis after college and then in New York City. That profession demanded working with very fine minute detail. Vera enjoys that kind of attention to detail in her drawings as well. Her drawings aren’t large and they have intricate patterning and depictions, usually in scenes from her imagination. She describes her process like this: “I draw in pen and ink sometimes more than one draft, tweeking a bit here or a bit there until I am happy with the black and white drawing. Then I scan it into the computer and digitally color it. The color and gradations of color and creating shadowing to add to the real feeling…this stuff is FUN to do!”

She enjoys hand making soaps as well as handmade cards with her drawings on the cover. Soaps, Cards and frameable prints of her art…All three endeavors have been on display and for sale at a shop in New Hope, PA and in an online shop at Etsy.com.

Barbara Kidd Calvano

Barbara Kidd Calvano was born in Japan. She lived and traveled in Japan and the United States. Her work is primarily in oils, acrylic, watercolors and pastel drawings. “My work is focused on capturing the energies of the East and West. I feel that art is a transformative experience that can elevate humanity. The images for the abstract paintings and drawings are derived from sketches of female nude studies. Through color, form and line these sketches are juxtaposed and rendered into a work that brings forth the creative energies of female as spirit. From my experience as a dancer, choreographer, now a yogi, I create from the shapes, lines and form of movement adding color from Nature, mostly plants, flowers and skies. I am interested in capturing breath and stillness. I am influenced by the Abstract Expressionist painters.

De Kooning, Gorky and Miro.” Her paintings are in the collections of many including fashion designers, celebrities and more. Her work was displayed on Access Hollywood with Kim attrall who is a collector of her art. To view art, her studio is located in Rego Park, New York. Contact is bkiddcalvano@usa.net.

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