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Miah Artola: "Far Away, installation"

September 19 - October 16

Miah Artola is a New York City based artist working with interactive installation, painting, drawing, and video. This installation is one iteration of a multi-platform project on Nicaragua, titled "Far Away".

When the projection of volcanos in Nicaragua is approached, it begins to corrupt and disintegrate. Simultaneously, abstractions and altered pieces of the landscape appear on the opposite side of the room. “Far Away, installation” demonstrates our propensity to own, and the resulting disruption of natural environments and indigenous community.

"Far Away" has received fiscal sponsorship from Media Alliance. Programming by Thomas Martinez.

Miah is of Nicaraguan descent and began "Far Away" while visiting relatives there in 2013. She returned to Nicaragua last year to film and will be returning again in February 2017.

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