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“Electric Pear Productions have taken the game of telephone to a new level”
– time out new york

Witness the next stage in the convergence of media. Now in its third season, Synesthesia is a live, annual event, many months in the making, that traces the journey of inspiration as it passes from one artist to another, from one genre to the next. Synesthesia is an Electric Pear exclusive production, conceived by Ashlin Halfnight and Melanie Sylvan, and staged for the first time in 2007. This year's show is directed by Brooklyn-based artists Ilana Manaster and Gregory Stuart Edwards, and offers up an evening of original film, music, painting, performance, dance, and cuisine.


The show runs Feb 25-28 at 8pm

SYNESTHESIA 2009 Lineup:

  • Spoken Word by Aja Monet
  • Painting by Harry Hancock
  • Puppetry by Piehole
  • Song by Jessica Delfino
  • Graphic Art by Kevin Colden
  • Theatre by New Georges
  • Dance by Ed Rice
  • Film by Dan Sharnoff
  • Music by Juliana Trivers
  • Chocolate by Mast Brothers Chocolate
  • Additional Music by Ljova

SYNESTHESIA 2009 Lineup:

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