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Five nights of music from the evolving Avant-Garde

Curated by Randy Gibson and Megan Schubertt


The second annual Avant Music Festival focuses on evolution as its guiding theme, from the evolution of a single work (Gibson’s Apparitions of The Four Pillars) to the literal exploration in Georges Aperghis’ Sextuor: L’origine des Espčces and everything in between.

Featuring works by Georges Aperghis, John Cage, Randy Gibson, Reiko Füting and Nils Vigeland

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July 10-23
Theatre Throwdown
Amelia Earhart Day Edition

July 24
Chris Duffy's You Get A Spoon!

July 27
Seasoned: World Premiere

July 29
New York No Limits Film Series: Short Film Event

August 17
the Current Sessions: Volume VII: On Resistance

August 18 & 20
East Village Queer Film Festival (EVQ)

August 21-26
Cherry Picking 17: Hive Mind

August 28-29

August 2017
In a Little Room

September 9 - 24

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