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Don't Tell Mom The Backspace Is Dead

An ALL-NEW Zombified Theatrical Extravaganza


Since their last SOLD-OUT show at The Wild Project, Backspace has been busy getting nominated for several Glammy awards, striking a pose with Bill Hader in ROLLING STONE, and gagging fans with their multimedia Sunday School shows at Sugarland Nightclub! But now the Backspace Kids are gearing up for something a little different (even for them!).....

DON'T TELL MOM THE BACKSPACE IS DEAD is an ALL-NEW evening-length theatrical extravaganza that takes place in a world where the Freaksters have been infected by a mysterious virus......gag on new ZOMBIFIED dances, skits, videos, songs, and more! A BACKSPACE SHOW IS EVEN BETTER WHEN IT'S DEADER!!


Krystal Something Something
Charmin Ultra
Mary Jo CamelToe
Lil' Kimchi
The Duchess Tickles
Whiskey Dixie
Chelsea Rodriguez
Louise Eberle
Thorgy Thor
Mocha Lite
And the photography of the Topless Paparazzo - Holly Van Voast

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December 15-17
Theatre Throwdown: Holiday Edition

December 18

December 20
Never Talk In Costume

January 5
Double Header: 'cuz Two is Better!

January 6
David Commander's Modern Toy Theater & Cara Francis' Happy To See You

January 7

January 20-February 10

February 22-March 13

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