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Bakwas Bumbug

Composed by Samrat Chakrabarti
Written by Sanjiv Jhaveri and Samrat Chakrabarti


Bakwas Bumbug is an electrifying musical reinvention of "A Christmas Carol", told thru the looking glass of NYC Immigrants and Hyphenated America. A Popera (pop opera) that shares catchy, soulful and haunting melodies. This show promises to have a raw in-your-face energy that combines the angst of shows like "RENT" & "AMERICAN IDIOT" with an Eastern melodic flair. A New Sound for a New Era. The first Indian American full length Musical: written, composed & performed by the Diaspora.

With: Kiarri D. Andrews, J. Kaitlin Becker, Christian Carter*, Nick Choksi*, Andrew Guilarte*, Ryan Kim*, Roopa Mahadevan, Lipica Shah*

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February 22-March 13
EVQ Film Festival 2018

August 20-25

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