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Episode #4:
Penny & the Beatnik

Written by & Starring
Angela Di Carlo

Mike Albo
Patrick Johnson

With musical accompaniment by
Kyle Forester


You don't have to be a Mad Men fanatic to savor The Mad World of Miss Hathaway, an episodic musical take-off on the ultra-popular TV show set in the mid 1960's and featured in The Village Voice as a Voices Choices. After debuting episode #3 in May at The Wild Project and again in July to a sold out audience, Angela Di Carlo (Just to be Polite at Joe's Pub, Ange Rampage at The Triad, Amber Alert, Chaos & Candy) is unveiling a brand new episode focusing on the burgeoning woman's liberation movement as embraced by creative ad writer Penny Trollson, as she struggles with her love for a new groovy counter-culture boyfriend and her overbearing mother's demands!

Each episode, Di Carlo imagines newfangled plots and spirited Mad songs as she portrays JoAnne Hathaway, the know-it-all red-headed secretary of Spencer-Colfax advertising agency. For episode #4, she's joined by a hilarious supporting cast—Mike Albo (Unitard) and Patrick Johnson (Amber Alert, Chaos & Candy) with musical accompaniment by Kyle Forester. It's a spirited pop-culture tribute not to be missed!!

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