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EPISODE #3 "The Insatiable Appetite of Drone Raper"

Starring Angela Di Carlo
Adam Dugas
James Kaliardos
Patrick Johnson
With musical accompaniment by Todd Almond


You don't have to be a Mad Men fanatic to savor The Mad World of Miss Hathaway, a musical take-off on the ultra-popular TV show set in the early 1960's. After remounting episodes #1 "The Torment of Penny Trollson" & #2 "Who's Eating Lance Borgotto?" at the East Village performance space, The Wild Project, Angela Di Carlo is unveiling a new episode focused around the most popular ad man in town, the insatiable Drone Raper.

Di Carlo imagines newfangled plots and spirited Mad songs as she portrays JoAnne Hathaway, the know-it-all red-headed secretary of Spencer-Colfax advertising agency. She's joined by a hilarious supporting cast—Adam Dugas (Dueling Harps, Chaos & Candy) James Kaliardos and Patrick Johnson with musical accompaniment by Todd Almond. It's a spirited pop-culture tribute not to be missed!

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