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Homo The Musical

Aliens, Rock-N-Roll, God, Gays & Guts!

Written & Directed by Lola Rock-N-Rolla


January 19-21 & 26-28 @ 8pm
February 2-4 @ 8pm


When a religious, Middle American suburb get's infiltrated by an alien from the Planet Homo posing as a suburban housewife will the good folk of Pleasant Valley Pines notice before the whole town erupts in chaos and depravity?

Alien invasions! Gay wrestling! Raucous church choirs! Cheerleader blood baths! Live rock'n'roll and horny suburban housewives all to song and dance!

Created by B-Movie filmmaker and NYC’s answer to John Waters, Lola Rock-N-Rolla, (Dragzilla, Night of the Living Gay, Nefertitty). Along with seminal punk guitar player and songwriter, Gina Volpe, (Lunachicks/Bantam) and Broadway dancer & celebrated choreographer Aliane Baquerot,(Celebrity Circus, Movin' Out on Broadway). The three distinct backgrounds join forces to create an experience of pure camp, cult and pop culture chock full of ear splitting rock and high kick-ass dancing. The lights go up at the Wild Project in January in the East Village and will undoubtedly follow in the footsteps of Hedwig and Rocky Horror.

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Dutch Masters

April 4-28
EVQ Film Festival 2018

August 20-25

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