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Nath Ann Carrera


An eve of original songs, covers, and sensationalistic monologues! Cultish Lesbian Separatist Murder Ballads! Gender Variant Black Masses! Women In Prison! Sacred Prostitutes Align Their Mirrors! Historic And Contemporary Anti-Assimilationist Queer Depravity! Consensual A-Moralism! And BEYOND!

Nath Ann has previously performed in Mx. Justin Vivian Bondís 'Re:Galli Blonde (A Sissy Fix)', 'Lustre', and 'Christmas Spells', Amber Martinís 'Amber Alert', Dave Endís 'F.A.G.G.O.T.S.: The Musical', Emily Neponís 'Between Two Worlds', Big Art Groupís 'The Imitation', and Joe's Pub.

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February 22-March 13
EVQ Film Festival 2018

August 20-25

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