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One Man Show

about a girl*who had to become a drag queen*to learn how to become a woman

the true story of Miss World Famous *BOB*

Running Length: 70 minutes
Directed by : Kate Valentine
Gowns By: David Quinn
Face & Show Image By : Karl Giant


From a farm in California to the nightclubs of NYC and the stages of the world—delight in the storytelling tour of one of NYC's most well loved downtown darlings! An evening of heartache, amazement, and laughter unfolds the tale of a 15 year old new wave farm girl that decides her destiny is to become a professional drag queen. Raised by a pack of homosexuals she soon sees the whole world through their eyes—from living in a camaro, her identification as a Draq Queen, to her transformation into a burlesque star!

The World Famous *BOB* promises to capture your heart and sprinkle it with glitter!

A life directed by John Hughes, John Waters, & Fellini all at the same time.

Check out the video.

"...hilarious and moving.." - Michael Musto

"I laughed so hard I spilled my drink!" - Dirty Martini

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