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The Current Sessions:
Vol I, Issue I.


The Current Sessions: Vol I, Issue I, is a live art/performance showcase devised to create works that are solely in-the-moment and in one's current state of mind and creative process. The evening includes works and works-in-progress by emerging choreographers Alexis Convento, Allison Jones, Yarden Raz, Jonathan Royse Windham, and Yin Yue.

Our mission is to bring to an audience new choreographic works which show original creative flow, risk-taking to challenge one’s mind, and the overall openness to achieve a higher ground in the development of dance and art itself.

For more information and to learn more about the choreographers, please take a look at:

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May 4-14
The Unofficial Expert LIVE

May 7

May 20-July 1
East Village Queer Film Festival (EVQ)

August 21-26
Cherry Picking 17: Hive Mind

August 28-29

August 2017

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