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The Mazel Toes Dance Company

Ya’el Tap, under the direction of founder and choreographer Julie Rubin, is a tap dance company featuring works inspired by Hebrew music, Israeli movement, and Jewish themes. While simply celebrating Jewish culture, we also express the meaning of prayers, blessings, and themes in the Jewish lifestyle, traditions, and history. We will be performing some old works, as well as debuting three new pieces, entitled "Storm," "Adama V'shamayim - Land and Heavens," and "D'ror Yikra - He Will Proclaim Freedom."

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Dancers: Aya Araki, Arielle Bendory, Gabrielle Brigida, Kelly Carpentier, Caryn Cooper, Lisa Gutman, Rebekah Levin, Holly Longmore, Kara, Moulter, Laura Murphy, Will Reilly, Julie Rubin, Stephanie Sine, Camellia Tatara

Mazel Toes is a professional tap dance company comprised of some of the best upcoming Jewish hoofers in New York City! Founded in late 2008 by director/choreographer Shelby Kaufman, Mazel Toes strives to combine Jewish humor (only sometimes) with fast footwork to create entertainment for both Jewish and non-religious audiences alike. They will be performing three pieces, including "Festival of Lights," and "Shim Shalom."

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