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Love, Redefined

Presented by Poetic Theater Productions

The spirit of Love, Redefined is non-commercial, non-traditional love. This year we have invited artists to reinterpret, remix or re-imagine a traditional sonnet or love poem through poetry, theater, dance, music and multimedia. Join us for what is sure to be a thrilling evening of new work by some of our favorite playwrights, poets, choreographers and performers, as well as exciting new voices!


Poets: Suzen Baraka, Aziza Barnes, Mahogany L. Browne, Lorraine Currelley, Darian Dauchan, Brian “Omni” Dillon, Ishmael “Ish” Islam, Joell Jackson, Iris A. Law, Mindy Levokove, Hjordy’s Matos, Joseph Reese, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, William Lowell Von Hoene, Leal Vona

Playwrights: Mickey Bolmer, Megan Cohen, Kate Foster, Christine J. Schmidt Composers: Jeremiah Bornfield, Thomas Deneuville

Directors/Choreographers: Nicolette Dixon, Natalia Duong, Rachel Klein, Sara Lyons, Daniel Roberts

Performers: Kilusan Bautista, Dana Berger, Ashley Bozian-Murtha, Andrew Casanova, Samantha Cooper, April Dayok, Flor de liz Perez, Dontonio Demarco, Eden Foster, Bonita Jackson, Joe Munley, Robyn Neilsen, Wade Ray, Jennifer Rabbit Ring, Quinn Warren

With Josh Henderson on violin

Based on works by William Shakespeare, Sappho, Pablo Neruda, Rumi, Audre Lorde, George Byron, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Frank O’Hara, John Donne and Plato.

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February 22-March 13
EVQ Film Festival 2018

August 20-25

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