past performance

Reuben Butchart & The Millworkers

Nameless and Awake;
Eight Poems by John William Carroll

This staged concert, with sets, costumes and lighting, is the official record release event for Nameless and Awake; Eight Poems by John William Carroll, the critically acclaimed third album from Reuben Butchart.

Developed and recorded during an artist residency at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center, Nameless and Awake is the result of a collaboration between composer/singer-songwriter Reuben Butchart, poet John William Carroll and seven multi-instrumentalists, The Millworkers.

Carroll's poems set to Butchart's melodies are sonically shaped into lush arrangements with piano, bass, drums, saxophones, clarinets, flutes from around the world, lute, guitar, strings, voices, metal bells, and crystal bowls. The result is a collection of eight contemporary art songs, pastoral in tone yet naturalistic in detail, that cover an eclectic stylistic range, from chamber folk to Latin jazz to ethereal ballad.

Available from iTunes,, and, Nameless and Awake is offered as a digital album or as a CD Art Book. This 30-page limited edition hardbound art book contains full-color illustrations, typeset poems and full-length compact disc.

Reuben Butchart, Composer/Singer-Songwriter

John Bollinger
Jason DiMatteo
Matt Darriau
Katie Down
Sarah Greenwood
Peter Hess
Noah Hoffeld

Costumes by Alberto Cortes
Sets by Brett Lindell & Tony Agostinelli
Lighting by Jake Platt

Photo by Alice O'Malley

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