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New York No Limits Film Series

NYNL is a ongoing film series program. The film series accepts short film and feature film entries in multiple genres, including; animation, comedy, dark comedy, drama, documentary/social doc., experimental, horror, foreign language, international, musical, music video, silent film, student film and suspense/thriller.


AN ACCIDENTAL MONK, Ehsan Ghoreishi dir. (U.S.)
THE CRIMSON ROOM, Martin Sharpe dir. (Australia)
DOROTHY, Eros Romero dir, (Australia)
ELKO, Alexander Yan dir. (U.S.)
THE GAY WHO WASN’T GAY ENOUGH, Linzi Knight dir. (Canada)
GROUNDED, Kevin Margo/Barrett Meeker dirs. (U.S.)
HIGH MAINTENANCE, Shawn Wines dir. (U.S.)
SKUNKED, Chris Portal/Merri Lisa Trigilio/Laura Wagner dirs. (U.S.)

upcoming performances

East Village Queer Film Festival (EVQ)

August 21-26
per asoera ad astra

August 27
Cherry Picking 17: Hive Mind

August 28-29
Jane Johnson for the Stay at Home Shopper

August 31-September 2

September 5
In a Little Room

September 9 - 24
Star Wars...Entirely from Memory

September 14-16 &
Outside Paducah: The Wars at Home

September 26-October 15

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