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This Is Our Youth

By Kenneth Lonergan

Growing up in New York City in 1982 was a rushed affair. Drugs, junkies, and a severe recession all exposed New Yorkers early on to the grim realities of life. There was a lot to worry about back then and for the wealthy few there was usually enough money to shield themselves and their children from the city's worst offenses. But purchasing power has its limits. "This Is Our Youth" is the story of three young adults who discover that the one thing their parents' money can't protect is the one thing they're desperately hoping to hold on to forever.

Directed by Jay Stull
With Jessie Barr, Reid Prebenda, and Lucas Salvagno-Basanez
Scenic Design: Greg Kozatek and George Hoffmann
Images: Greg Kozatek and Catherine Chi
Video: Greg Kozatek and Ben Hirt
Lighting and Sound: John Carnes

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