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Clubbed Thumb Summerworks 2013

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In which a freak storm knocks down all the trees in town and a prodigal daughter is taught a new way to pray. But the weird weather's not over yet.

By Clare Barron
Directed by Portia Krieger

featuring: Susannah Flood, Ismenia Mendes, Caitlin O’Connell, Danielle Skraastad and Danny Wolohan

scenic designer Daniel Zimmerman
costume designer Sarah Laux
lighting designer Derek Wright
sound designer Brandon Wolcott
projection designer Bart Cortright
stage manager Lisa McGinn

Performances: May 24th-June 2nd
All shows at 8pm
No show on May 28th

In which the Creedy brothers trickle home from the war but knock knock! There's someone at the door looking for payback and your place at the table.

by Jen Silverman
Directed by Mike Donahue

featuring: Gerry Bamman, Christopher Ryan Grant, Bobby Moreno, Chris Meyers, Chinasa Ogbuagu and Jeanine Serralles

scenic designer Jason Simms
costume designer Kaye Voyce
lighting designer Burke Brown
sound designer Stowe Nelson
stage manager Devorah Jaffe

Performances: June 7th-June 16th
All shows at 8pm
No show on June 11th

In which two Masshole siblings, amid a Hollywood vortex of strip malls and scientologists, square off over how to live like a grown-up.

By Gregory S. Moss
Directed by Adam Greenfield

featuring: Bill Buell, Crystal Finn, Rebecca Henderson, and Gabriel King

scenic designer David Evans Morris
costume designer Sydney Maresca
lighting designer Gina Scherr
sound designer Shane Rettig
stage manager Sunny Stapleton

Performances: June 20th-June 29th
All shows at 8pm
No show on June 24th

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