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Smile Swamp Princess

Composed by Megan Lui & Justin Johnson

Presented by Muddy Boots Productions

If you can imagine your life in the shape of a mountain, then you can surely turn your heart loose at the door of this production. For the journey up ones life-mountain is never mapped out, or fated to fit into a predisposed archetype; there is certainly no battery-operated manual to help us reach the end in an easy manner.

In the case of the Swamp Princess and her Space Cowboy, they skim slowly into love, whilst dragging mounds of swamp scum up their equally deranged mountains, concurrently expressing their tale through magical rock ballads, and up-tempo rainbow-love songs. Challenged to remain glamorous and to SMILE even when all signs lead to the muck.

Built upon the groundwork of storytelling through collaboration, Smile Swamp Princess is a staged concept album supported by visual and theatrical narrative. Accompanied by the Swamp Band in original pieces of song, movement, and poetry, this playfully grim story serves as a reminder that the journey to find beauty often brings you right back where you left it.


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