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Enid Ellen
Justin Sayre
Shane Shane
Martha Lee
Alston Brown
Stacy Lynn Smith

Costumes By Erik Bergrin
Music By Greg Potter and Beth Braddock

Newly divorced Hollywood star Nicholas Gorham welcomes you into his Parisian pad as he attempts to get through the broadcast of his brand new Christmas Special and selflessly provides a glimpse into the real spirit of Christmas...wealth and glamour! This year, Hollywood's favorite individual will inject some Beatnik chic into the Holidays and continue the great American tradition of self promotion and secular commercialization. Join him as he continues to keep up appearances while opening his world to sing the classics, attempt some cheer, and endure his families' love and affection.

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February 22-March 13
Dutch Masters

April 4-28
EVQ Film Festival 2018

August 20-25

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