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Ms. Heather's Drama Club

Ms. Heather Presents: 2 spectacular nights of performance featuring the magnificent operatic stylings of Sparklez, a new work of trans dyke translations + reperformance of Carolee Schneeman's "Interior Scroll" by rosza daniel lang/levitsky, experimental video by Niknaz, and new undefined/able interdisciplinary work by Heather Ács!

Hosted by The Lady Miss Quesa Dilla, reigning Miss Drag Coney Island, with special guest punk Cristy Road-still angry!-showing new art/writing on Nov 19!

Artist Bios:

Heather María Ács (ms. heather) is a performing artist, activist, curator, educator and high-femme troublemaker. Her work has been featured in festivals, theatres, galleries, conferences, and universities internationally. She is the Co-Director of Heels on Wheels, a queer femme-inine spectrum, all genders performance group. Heather has worked with Mx. Justin Vivian Bond, Nao Bustamante, Lois Weaver, J. Ed Araiza (SITI Company), and Paula Pell (SNL). Film credits include Building No. 7, dir. Steven Soderbergh; blink, dir. Silas Howard; Sunset Stories (SXSW); and Michelle in Valencia (the movies): Chapter 9 based on the novel by Michelle Tea. Heather has worked as a teaching artist in NYC public schools for over a decade, where her students call her, "Ms. Heather."

Sparklez is a versatile singer that can go from Bach to Bjork, from Purcell to original Rap. The merging of genres is where she enjoys being. No putting her into a box! She is originally from Louisville, KY and moved to Brooklyn in late December after living in Philly for 2 years. Sparklez is a Radical Faerie and proud transgender feminist woman who enjoys politics and ranting about dismantling racisms, sexism, classism and patriarchy.

rosza daniel lang/levitsky is a cultural worker and organizer who has been performing in NYC since the last century. Never figured out how to make art for art’s sake; rarely wants to work alone. Recent joys have included "Hysterical Translations" at Dixon Place; J Dellecave's "Angry Women REvisited"; "The Greatest Show On Earth In a Cardboard Box" with Ariel Speedwagon Federow; and "Blow Job (repeated)" at the MIX Festival. Ongoing commitments remain the Critical Reperformance series; the Aftselokhes Spectacle Committee's Purim Extravaganzas; JUST LIKE THAT frontline choreography initiative; and a whole lot of Carl Van Vechten. la salute è in voi - dos gezunt iz in dir.

niknaz is a cyborg. Also, an installation artist and filmmaker. They will show Lorem Ipsum Dolor, an experimental art video looking at the expansive border between reality and fantasy. Original HD footage is layered with pixelated white outlines creating a somewhat staggered ghost of the action. As a narrative, the character finds a notebook on an urban river beach and wanders through the streets of Brooklyn until they stumble on the perhaps origin of its writing.

Cristy C. Road is a Brooklyn-based Cuban-American illustrator and writer who’s been supplying Illustrations for punk, publishing, & activism since 1996. Road published a zine, Greenzine for ten years, has released four books, tackling gender, sexuality, mental health and cultural identity; with a tinge of bathroom humor and curse words. Her titles include “Indestructible”, “Distance Makes the Heart Grow Sick”, “Bad Habits” and her most recent work, “Spit and Passion”, a graphic queer-coming-out memoir (about Green Day). She’s currently working on a Tarot Card deck with Author, Michelle Tea; and her punk rock band The Homewreckers. Road hibernates in Brooklyn.

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