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The Great Big Xmas Show

Featuring: Sydney Farley, Alexandra Lenihan, Michael Galligan, Gili Nir, and Ryan Meyer

Michael, Gili, Alexandra, Ryan, and Sydney have been composing, choreographing, and rehearsing The Great Big Xmas Show for what feels like ​a decade​. On December 15, the show finally goes live​ ​-​ ​but even more potent than these performers' craftsmanship, holiday spirit, and collective X-factor are the personal dramas which threaten to take center stage on the Big Night. Nonetheless, they have a show to perform and cheer to spread, and they'll be performing together whether they like it or not. Probably the second one.​

The Great Big Xmas Show from Jake Nathanson on Vimeo.

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Theatre Throwdown Revisionist History Edition

November 14

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