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2014 Summit Highlights
GRANTHAM & ROSE, Directed by Kristin Hanggi; written by Ryan Spahn
I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS, Written and Directed by Leah Meyerhoff
SILENT ONES, Written and Directed by Ricky Rijneke

The 2014 Summit is a film festival event showcasing 19 films over three days from independent and emerging filmmakers spearheading a new wave of cinematic storytelling. The film lineup unfurls an array of features and short films that explore uncommon subject matters through a spectrum of diverse genres and characters. Official selections include feature films traversing major festivals, short film premieres and the Best Of from the past year.


FAGBUG NATION, Erin Davies director (U. S., documentary) Fagbug Nation takes you behind the wheel of what it's like to drive the once vandalized, now famous "Fagbug." With six years of touring under her belt, director Erin Davies ("Fagbug," 2009, Netflix) has her mind set on getting her car to all 50 states, Hawaii and Alaska being the final two. To pull this off, Erin went 54 days without a car, put her car on 5 boats, and flew on 14 planes. The Fagbug gets leis'd in Hawaii and drives through the midnight sun to Alaska, but first makes a pit stop at the Equality House in Topeka, Kansas. Watch as this rainbow colored Beetle serves as a catalyst for our nation on the road to equality.

GRANTHAM & ROSE, Kristin Hanggi director/Ryan Spahn writer (U. S., narrative/drama) Seventeen-year-old Grantham (Jake T. Austin) struggles to find his way as a man when a spontaneous road trip thrusts him into the care of a feisty eighty-one-year-old African-American woman named Rose (Golden Globe & Emmy Nominee Marla Gibbs) who, while on the road, takes it upon herself to be a stable figure in Grantham’s life. Rose gives Grantham the tough love he needs, while Grantham helps Rose heal from her hidden and painful past.

I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS, Leah Meyerhoff director/writer (U. S., narrative/drama) CLOSING NIGHT FEATURE, Davina is an imaginative and strong-willed teenage girl who often escapes into a beautifully twisted fantasy life. Having grown up quickly as the sole caretaker of her disabled mother, she looks for salvation in a new relationship with an older boy. Davina is swept into a whirlwind of romance and adventure, but the enchantment of her new relationship quickly fades when Sterling's volatile side begins to emerge. I Believe in Unicorns takes us on a road trip through the stunning and complex landscape of troubled young love.

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY, Drew Tobia director/writer (U. S., narrative/dark comedy) OPENING NIGHT FEATURE, Mona (Eleanore Pienta) is a mentally unbalanced and very pregnant young woman in a hideous orange coat. Without any friends to speak of and alienated from her hoochie mama coworkers at a crummy Brooklyn supermarket, Mona maintains a strangely close relationship with her campy, recovering alcoholic mother May (Dana Eskelson). Mona's sister Jordan (Molly Plunk) is an unemployable party girl, estranged from May and making life hell for her increasingly fed up girlfriend Sylve (Keisha Zollar). In the final days of her pregnancy, Mona draws her mother, sister, and anybody who happens to get caught in her wake into her hectic life as she drifts further from reality.

SILENT ONES, Ricky Rijneke director/writer (Netherlands, narrative/drama) Csilla and her little brother Isti are travelling together without a clear destination, looking for a better life. One day Csilla wakes up inside a crashed car, in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where her brother Isti is. He is vanished without a trace. Upset and alone, without saying a word, Csilla leaves aboard a cargo ship heading to Western Europe. She flees her country and her past to a cold and lonely life to keep a promise she made to him. But the world she's left behind won't let her go that easily. At sea Gábor, a self-proclaimed businessman who convinced her to work for him on the ship, turns out to be a brute and a drunk. When Gábor assaults her and takes her last souvenir of Isti, Csilla loses grip on her life completely. The journey turns into a surreal trip on the fragile edge of life and death.


A FRENCH CANADIAN GIRL (LA CANADIENNE FRANCAIS), Charles Grenier director/writer (Canada, comedy) In Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal, Thomas Stein, a Francophile from Toronto, meets Jeanne, a hung-over Montrealaise who just got her bed sheets stolen. Through Thomas’ romantic imagination, we embark on a small journey to find the man who stole her goods.

A SHORT FILM ON EQUALITY, Matt Willis-Jones director/writer (Norway, comedy) Phil get's time off work for a dubious illness but Carl has been struggling with problems of his own... 'All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others'

AFTER, Sean Branigan director/ Amy De Bhrun writer (Ireland, drama) A young man’s night out is cut short when his girlfriend suffers a traumatic attack. He faces an important decision that will define his character and his future.

ANIMALS, Alexander Yan director/writer (U. S., drama BEST OF) A repressed young woman finds power in an act of deviance.

CYCLE, Ed Peduzzi director/writer (U. S., comedy/experimental) No beginning…no end…a man goes through hell for the ultimate trophy, clean laundry.

HAPPY HOUR, Gretl Claggett director/writer (U. S., drama/experimental) When a woman meets her boyfriend for a romantic night out, a martini triggers childhood memories that threaten her ability to trust and love.

KILLING VIVIAN, Mandy Fabian director/writer (U. S., comedy BEST OF) Megan is right there to help her best friend David cope with the news his beloved companion is dying. But when Megan’s good intentions turn into a jealous obsession, David must make his most difficult decision yet…which one of them does he lose?

MUSTARD, Theresa Varga director co-writer/Nathan Bryon co-writer (United Kingdom, comedy/drama) Set in the 1970’s, Mustard follows a day in the life of 15 year-old Penelope. She is an only child in a middle classed family, and something is not quite right.

MYTH, Sam Guest director/writer (U. S., drama/experimental) A young boy, trapped between the pull of adolescence and the safety of childhood encounters events and channels things of a dark and disturbing nature.

ONLY BLOOD, Alexander Jorgensen director/writer (U. S., drama BEST OF) A wayward man, drug-addled and seemingly aimless, attempts to reconnect with his estranged daughter before embarking on a mysterious journey.

PARIETAL GUIDANCE, Lonnie Edwards director/writer (U. S., experimental BEST OF) Parietal Guidance draws you into a world as perceived by Alinah, a young girl who occupies a space in this world that is vulnerable yet spirited. Unflinching and un-poised, we find purity and fear enmeshed and transfixed within the complexities of helplessness, need for safety, and the frailties of humanity. This is a call to action.

PATROL, Rich Devaney director/writer (U. S., drama BEST OF) When two NYPD patrolmen are called to assist a drunk and disorderly woman at 3am, their actions conflict with the oath they vowed to keep; to protect and to serve the citizens of New York City.

TRUCKIN’, Diane Newman director/ Ketti Kollin writer (U. S., comedy) Two women (Emmy winning Pamela Adlon and Emmy nominated Monica Potter) reunite after their awkward adolescent years are over. In a bitter food truck war, they come to terms with their childhood differences.

THE YEARS, Keun-Pyo Park director/writer (U. S., drama) The owner of a dry cleaning business who lost his family in a tragic accident misses the family, especially his daughter who didn’t want to leave him. That guilt leads him to possess her in his own way making her grow in his imagination for years until he has to finally let her go.

At the conclusion of the 2014 Summit, the BEST FEATURE FILM and BEST SHORT FILM will be announced. A panel of industry professionals chooses the best film in each category.

New York No Limits Film Series, launched in 2010, is an ongoing film series that is dedicated to promoting films that are a clear expression of the filmmaker’s artistic vision. A primary foundation of NYNL’s mission is to provide a forum for risk-taking filmmaker’s who are committed to breaking boundaries and discovering new cinematic frontiers.

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