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The Queen's Company

Sir Patient Fancy

by Aphra Behn

Directed by Rebecca Patterson

Aphra Behn, that delicious diva of 17th century sexy sophistication delivers a wickedly witty tale of defiant women and the men who love them. Amorous fops, lusty widows, mistaken beds and narrow escapes are some of the delights packed into this exciting ride through the backstreets and bedrooms of London’s wild and wooly past. Performed by our signature all-female cast, Aphra Behn’s Sir Patient Fancy will be a night of theatre to remember.

Cast: Tiffany Abercrombie, Virginia Baeta, Karen Berthel, Julia Campanelli*, Amy Driesler*, Sarah Hankins*, Sarah Joyce*, Natalie Lebert*, Elisabeth Preston*, Antoinette Robinson
(*appearing courtesy of AEA)

Stage Managers: Jeanne Travis, Kelsey Arendt

Designers: Kristina Makowski, Matthew J. Fick, Amy Altadona

Fight Choreography by Judi Lewis Ockler

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