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i wrote on ur wall and now i regret it

by Ming Peiffer
Co-Artistic Director and Resident Playwright
Spookfish Theatre Company

PLZ “Like” + come c this play bout u & me & all of US b4 I KILL myself jkjkjk lol dot dot dot this -----> is a collage about the 1nTerne+ and t€xT!nG and how much I <3 U + the CONNECT/DISCONNECT when we r signed ON and/or OFF :) :) :) and the probz :( in communication among the digital generation found IRL (in real life)... AKA (for those who need it) THIS IS A POETIC HYPER-TEXTUAL COLLAGE EXPLORING HUMAN COMMUNICATION, LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS, AND DISCONNECTION/CONNECTION IN THE AGE OF THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Directed by Kat Yen
Assistant Director- Sam Wilson
Lighting Design- Porsche McGovern
Sound Design- Daniela Hart

D- Karen Eilbacher
L - Ying Ying Li
DREAMGUY- Jaspal Binning
LAXBear11- Jordan Ho
RMODY31- David Farrington
Mother- Andrea Goldman
Ensemble- Ricky Faust, Ryan Dreyer, and Stephanie Regina

upcoming performances

per asoera ad astra

August 27
Cherry Picking 17: Hive Mind

August 28-29
Jane Johnson for the Stay at Home Shopper

August 31-September 2

September 5
In a Little Room

September 9 - 24
Star Wars...Entirely from Memory

September 14-16 &
Outside Paducah: The Wars at Home

September 26-October 15

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