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written and performed by Jill Pangallo


November 15 @ 7:30PM

Stuck at your day job recapping recaps? Finger hurt from swiping right on Bumble? Continually failing to meet the most miniscule goals? So is Jill Pangallo. Come see Jill's latest solo show, In America's Single Threat Jill shares valuable tips and tricks to save you from your own self-perpetuated misery. Part stand-up, part storytelling, part Ted Talk, A.S.T. is a raw, humorous look at smartphone dating apps, social media hysteria and the ever-increasing cult of self-appointed experts. Come see Jill now, before she sells out banquet rooms in Marriott's across the country!

Jill Pangallo is a downtown NYC performer and artist best known for her funny and disturbing multimedia works that deal with identity and mass culture. She has performed and shown in, at and on a multitude of galleries, theaters, clubs and screens internationally. She curates a variety of ensemble performance events, including The Way We Were. Pangallo recently released Your Main Thing, a self-produced web series, and will perform in the final episode of Angela DiCarlo’s original Mad Men parody, The Mad World of Miss Hathaway at the Wild Project December 10th – 13th.

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