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Sixth Annual Avant Music Festival

We are thrilled to be presenting the visions of two compelling and fiercely individualistic composers, Paula Matthusen and Imani Uzuri, along side the largest presentation of Randy Gibson’s work to date, and a day celebrating John Cage.

On Sat. afternoon (2/28), a free roundtable discussion will be held between Gibson, Matthusen, and Uzuri.

Feb 27th | Friday, 8PM
Paula Matthusen

New and recent works investigating the acoustic facets of city sites of historical significance through live performance, field recordings, and explored resonance. This evening will include the World Premiere of new work for Mantra, Dither, and Philip White developed under Matthusen’s current fellowship with the American Academy in Rome.

Feb 28th | Saturday, 8PM
John Cage

Virtuosic vocal ensemble, and long-time festival favorite, Ekmeles sings 1979’s ethereal Hymns and Variations for twelve amplified voices and other choral works bridging John Cage’s chance techniques and subtractive harmonies, including ear for EAR (antiphonies), Four Solos for Voice, and FOUR2.

Mar 6th | Friday, 8PM
Imani Uzuri

Uzuri premieres a new cantata inspired by the eclectic composer’s rural Southen roots embodied within the coded, polyphonic and revelatory legacy of the Black American quilt making tradition.

Mar 7th | Saturday, 7PM
Randy Gibson

Gibson’s continually evolving meditative drone-epic Apparitions of The Four Pillars in The Midwinter Starfield under The Astral 789 Duet reaches new heights of complexity and clarity in the longest and most detailed presentation of the work to date.

(please note, because of the duration of this work, the concert will begin at 7PM)

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