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Written and performed by Sarah Jane Johnson, directed by Patrice Miller

Produced by All for One Theater

The summer of a lifetime for a small town girl from Nebraska, a chance to study overseas, changes the trajectory of her life forever. A weekend in Paris with friends that ends before it begins, a young woman finds herself in a hospital, an empty shell of who she used to be. After days spent with police and detectives, her assailant jailed, she begins the next chapter of her life: the trial of her rapist.

Sarah Jane takes us on her journey of the successful prosecution, and dealing with the intangible concept of justice, discovers that a conviction does not heal her wounds. With honesty, redemptive humor, and a 24-ounce can of Miller Lite, she purges her experiences of post-traumatic stress disorder, HIV prevention medication, depression, and alcohol abuse. Through tales of Internet dating and the navigation through a foreign legal system by someone who can’t even order a sandwich in French, we find liberation to laugh in spite of it all.

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