past performance


choreographed by Sigrid Lauren


November 10 @ 8pm

In nike[]DeadDaddyDog, Sigrid Lauren recycles the residual energies of both her dead dog Nike and deceased father Robert to frame internalized loops that linger, balancing the feel of external distraction. A choreography that is a symphony of symptom, the 15 performers maneuver through the fragrance of original sound art by 8 producers Lauren has adored in the five years since her father's death. Featuring an original Score by: ABBY [NYC], Greem Jellyfish [NYC], KILBOURNE [NOLA], Pictureplane [NYC], PURE ONE [SF], Schwarz [LA], and Unicorn Hard-On [RI].

Featuring: Chelsea Pfohl, Erin Grant, Alex Rodabaugh, Alexandra Marzella, Nathalie Encarnacion, Quenton Stuckey, Frank Jones, Moriah McAda-Smith, Kelsie Marin, Tara-Jo Lewis, Jerome Bwire, Jillian Siegal, Stefan Martin, Martha Ursula Moszczynski, Kathleen Dycaico

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