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Loom Ensemble presents:

Loom's Rep: NYC/ Italy/ Dubai' with Vital Vox Vocal Festival

A week of repertory international performance.


November 17-22

about the shows:

Opening Night Gala
$10 for the night, stay as long as you like. A sampler of performances and artists from the whole week:

Non-stop shows from 7:00pm-11:00pm with Loom Ensemble, Art Monastery, Vital Vox and Samadhi Arts
7-9pm Prime, Si Quis Sitit, with Special Musical Guests “RubyFruit” and Sasha Bogdanowitsch
9-10pm Opening Party — have a drink in with the artists, to “electroswing” DJ sets
10-11pm Clown Cabaret

Wednesday November 18, 7pm
Friday November 20, 8pm
Saturday November 21, 9pm
Sunday November 22, 2pm

In 2014 “Prime” toured over 40 performances across Italy, Belgium, Berlin, Stockholm and Dubai, and now we’re finally coming home to NYC.

“Prime” is a co-production of the Art Monastery Project (based in San Francisco and Italy) and Loom Ensemble (based in NYC and Dubai).

A two person performance created by an ensemble of 10 artists, born out of the intersection of contemplative practice, communal living, and collaborative theater-making.

It’s a story about relationships and communication, wound around the theme of dawn time, full of dream imagery and symbolism inspired by the elements.

Wednesday November 18, 7pm
Friday November 20, 8pm

Video screening in combination with Prime

As part of the spring 2013 Art Monastic Laboratory, three Artmonks hosted a series of interviews with the people of Acaya, an extremely small town in southern Italy. The interviews revolved around questions of personal and cultural transformation, stories from the past, and hopes for the future. From the overarching themes, day-to-day feelings, and actual footage gleaned from those interviews and the region of Puglia, the Artmonks responded with the 20-minute video piece.

Vital Vox: A Vocal Festival
Tuesday November 17, 9pm
Wednesday November 18, 9pm

Vaulting Voices – Vivid Sounds – Vast genres

Vital Vox: A Vocal Festival explores the myriad power of the human voice in its solo and ensemble forms across a multitude of genres. This annual two day festival celebrates composer‐performers and ensembles in the vocal arts who stretch and expand the voice in new and original ways.

November 17th, 9pm Globalectronic,
with Erdem Helvacioglu & Sasha Bogdanowitsch followed by The Mast.

November 18th, 9pm Acousticapella,
with Timothy Hill, followed by Moving Star

Say I Am You
Thursday November 19, 7pm
Saturday November 21, 2pm & 7pm
Sunday November 22, 9pm

Loom Ensemble’s newest show, developed first via 6 months of Skype rehearsals, then at “thejamjar” an arts warehouse in Dubai, and finally on a farm in the Hudson Valley. Say I Am You asks “what makes us whole,” through song settings of Rumi poetry, choreography to reframe the immune system, a modern retelling of a Zen koan, and the sarcastic whining of one punk kid.

Si Quis Sitit
Tuesday November 17, 7pm
Friday November 20, 8pm
Sunday November 22, 2pm

In a small town in Abruzzo, Italy 17 artists from the United States, Canada, Europe, UK and Australia gathered for two months to live as Artmonks living together, practicing meditation, training as artists, and making this new dance-theater performance.

Si Quis Sitit, the Art Monastery’s newest performance, has an ensemble of six high-energy actor-dancers, plus two outstanding musicians creating live music for the show. It is the story of one woman's struggle to heal from sickness, as her small village struggles with the balance of adapting to the modern world while honouring it's traditions and cultural heritage. How will she heal? How do dynamics of power and oppression affect her ability to come into her full health and power? In this dynamic piece, we explore themes of wellness, oppression, ancient and modern healing medicine, and family.

Tabula Rasa
Saturday November 21, 5pm
Sunday November 22, 7pm

Physical comedy by Loom
Premiered at Art Monastery Italia

Look. You gotta just follow your dreams. I swear to god. Cus like, c'mon, right? And then also, this show! We call it Tabula Rasa which is latin for "Best Show." Can you feel it? We don't talk in the show. Its a physical comedy clown show. If you see it, then just, you might, I bet you’ll say "oh brother!!!"

Saturday November 21, 9pm

Performed in combination with Prime

Using multiple camera, multi projector video feedback and puppetry, “re:self” re:questions the self through refracted, rerouted, mandala like imagery.

This is a show regarding self->reconstruction and organised divergence.
If “->” is seen as insertion, (or as input, or as function)
I’m bouncing between the self->re.fractured to self->production through self chatter, looping video image and routing the flow.
Re:com.position of oneself by conning one:self. It’s self->manipulation baby!
Or. Self->puppetry. With real, actual, puppets. To project oneself on a voodoo doll of one:self.
Can I be manipulated when I know I’m being manipulated by my:self?
A complex re.combination, onto, into, through each other: 
a mash up
a self->made mash up
a mash up of the self
“re:self” is a show in regards to self->re:composition and self->re:representation.

What is real? What is re:reproduced.

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