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Poetic People Power

#AntiSocial: The Dark Side of Social Media


July 8 & 9 @ 8PM

On July 8 & 9, 2015, Poetic People Power will present its 13th annual show. This year's show, #AntiSocial: The Dark Side of Social Media, will premiere new poems about social media, how it’s become more toxic in recent years, and how it's affecting our behavior, relationships and society. Through this informative and entertaining spoken word show, poets explore topics including public shaming and sexism online, the psychological effects of social media, government and corporate surveillance, and how sites like Facebook and Twitter are changing they way we think, conduct business, and interact with others.

For 13 consecutive years, Poetic People Power has creatively explored social and political topics, offering insight and solutions to issues that affect our everyday lives. This year’s poets include Bogar Alonso, Tara Bracco, Karla Jackson-Brewer, Angela Kariotis, Shetal Shah, and Jonathan Walton.

Produced by Tara Bracco. This show is made possible by support from Left Tilt Fund.

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