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Tangents: Wooley

Avant Media presents the complete World premiere of Nate Wooley’s evening-length for Kenneth Gaburo, scored for trumpet and pre-recorded electronic sound and performed by the composer. Using Wooley’s research in the mechanical production of phonetic sound and its effect on tonal production, the work stretches an introductory text by electronic music pioneer and language theorist Gaburo (1926 - 93) until the component phonemes lose their connection to textual meaning and become pure sound.

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July 29
B-Side Fest

July 31-August 2

August 10-13
New York No Limits Film Series: Short Film Event

August 17
the Current Sessions: Volume VII: On Resistance

August 18 & 20
East Village Queer Film Festival (EVQ)

August 21-26
Cherry Picking 17: Hive Mind

August 28-29
Jane Johnson for the Stay at Home Shopper

August 31-September 2

September 5
In a Little Room

September 9 - 24

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