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Ants Go Marching & 151 Ludlow

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October 1 @ 7:30PM

Ants Go Marching & Other Moments will premier two works in progress Ants Go Marching and pieces from 151 Ludlow. Just in time for the change of season, these pieces each look at how we deal with the passage of time and change of place both in the world and our lives.

Writers: Tessa Allen, Krystalla Pearce, & Caroline Craig

Performers: Tessa Allen, Caroline Craig, & Krystalla Pearce

Directors: Bridget Balodis & Krystalla Pearce

Choreographer: Jenny Tortorello

Producer: Julia Kennelly

Presented by Rat King Theatre

Rat King Theatre is about getting tangled up in deep and silly shit. By intertwining theatre, dance, puppetry, film, food, illustration, political action and satire, we highlight the impossibility of detangling our stories, memories and identities. Rat King Theatre blurs the lines of who we are in the hope of expanding what we may become.

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