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Killed by Auto: The Ephemeral Life of Güler Ugur and the Ubiquity of Vehicular Violence


October 23 @ 7PM

There will be a private screening for a feature length documentary that explores traffic violence in New York. Attendance will be by invitation only. A photography exhibition of the early works of Güler Ugur will also be on display. The event will occur just six days after the formal sentencing of Prezidor Porbeni, an unlicensed hit-and-run driver who took the life of photographer Güler Ugur. "Killed by Auto: The Ephemeral Life of Güler Ugur and the Ubiquity of Vehicular Violence" explores this case, and relates its details to numerous other acts of traffic violence.

Film Trailer

Photography Exhibition

Güler Ugur had chosen several photographs for her next exhibition from her early work in the 1990s, when she was a recent immigrant in NYC - these will be shown alongside a few of her final pieces from October 23 - November 20th. The photos display the result of another crime, an act of traffic violence that happened when driver Yosef Lifsh careened onto the sidewalk and killed a young boy named Gavin Cato on August 19, 1991. Güler was present for the funeral, and captured the grief and pain of the community in the midst of the Crown Heights riots.

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