past performance

The Snail

written and directed by Fabio Zito

A co-production between Fabulous Dreams Production, Wild Project and Tosi Theatricals Corporation

showtimes & tickets:

March 7-9 @ 8pm

"The Snail" is the story of the young boy, Andrew, locked in a body that he doesn't recognize: a woman's soul is a prisoner in a man's body. Born in a Italian family and in a world full of prejudice, Andrew plays a role that doesn't fit him until he decides to become a woman and start a new life being free to express finally herself to the world. Twelve ironic episodes describe his entire life, from the conception to his birth, his life's struggles and the re-birth.

After the performance the director and the cast will be available to answer questions and discuss the show with the audience.

ARIANNA LUZI (Andrew) After many years of dance studies, on 2009 she graduated to “Scuola Del Musical”, a performing arts academy in Milan directed by Saverio Marconi She participates in classes with teachers like: Bernard Hiller, Danny Lemmo, Gabriel Bologna. She began her career as a performer with the show “Pinocchio-il grande musical” produced by the “Compagnia della Rancia” in New York and South Corea. She continues to work as an actress-singer in several shows on tour to Italy, especially in Rome, with the Fabulous Dreams Production company.

RICCARDO TURSI (Ricky) made his way to Los Angeles via New York and Houston. where he was in productions at Silver House and H.a.d.a. Theatres. While in Italy, he acted on prestigious stages such as Teatro Piccolo (Milan), Teatro Ghione and Teatro Antigone in Rome; Recent credits include lead role in the Feature Film Gangster City and Co-Star role in the TV Web series "Marinho" and the Short Film "The Inventor". He performed as stand up comedian at Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv and also on the Comedy Time Network.

VERONICA THARMA (Veronica) was born in India, grew up in France then after a year in London moved to LA in Nov 2011. Spotted by a model scout in Paris, she started modelling and she worked for local and international brands in Europe and Asia. From Paris she decided to move to London, where she worked in some commercials, short films and a feature. She then decided to take her career to the next level and made her move to Los Angeles. She has already worked on a feature, a play and a web series in LA.

VALERIA PARISI (Patty) Valeria Parisi was born in Italy in 11/22/1988. She studied classical and contemporary dance for fifteen years in her hometown, and then she won several scholarships for MDM Academy, an important musical school situated in Milan, where she also studied acting and singing. Then she moved to New York to improve her artistics career.

VALENTINA TOSI (Betty) After many years of Performing Arts' studies between Mantova, Verona and Castelfranco Veneto she graduated from “Scuola Del Musical” directed by Saverio Marconi and of “Musical Dance Master Academy” directed by Chiara Cattaneo in Milan. She produced shows between Italy and Switzerland such as “GYMNASIA – il regno del moviemento” the musical, the busking group “CRAZY DANCERS' CREW and “OLTRE” the musical. Proud CTI Alumn and TRU member she is now taking her career as producer to the next level in New York.


FABIO ZITO theatre and movie writer, actor and director. Graduated from the Academy "Stabile di Torino", he began working as an actor. After a few years he started his career as a theater director and actor coaching. He wrote 8 plays, 10 screenplays for shorts and features. He directed over 15 comedies, 8 shorts and 1 movie. He collaborates as artistic director with many production companies in Rome, Los Angeles and New York.

SEREBA POLETTO GHELLA designer and Personal Stylist, she helps people to communicate through their clothes. Italian, born in Canada in 1977. She live in Tourin and she is the designer of a new clothing brand which takes her name. Constantly researching trends she is drawing her clothes, offering to her clients a full fashion and imagine consulting.

FABULOUS DREAMS PRODUCTION Cultural association founded in 2013 in Tourin by Fabio Zito with the aim to promote the Italian culture through the arts of theatre, film, dance and music. Between 2013 and 2015 the “FDP” produced seven short films and seven plays most of them are based on Italian stories. “FDP” has produced shows that catch the attention of an a national and international audience.

WILD PROJECT Founded in 2007, is a theater, film, music, and visual arts venue that presents diverse, engaging, inspiring, and entertaining works to the vibrant and growing community of Alphabet City in New York’s East Village, while bringing together the artists and the environment in a unique way. With an eco-conscious approach it presents the dynamic works of hundreds of emerging artists each year.

TOSI THEATRICALS CORPORATION Founded in 2015 in New York City. The aim is to spread throughout the world strong topics with high social impact through unique and innovative shows. The mission is to take the viewer on a journey - to make him dream, laugh, cry and to light in him a little flame of change so that together we may build a new better world. TTC helps national and international new talents develop their projects.

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