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26 wild hours

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August 5 @ 8PM

wild project & Brooklyn Actor's Troupe presents 26 Wild Hours! A one night festival of new plays written/rehearsed/directed within 26 hours of the performance. 6 Writers, 6 Directors and 16 actors have been enlisted by the Troupe and given the task of creating 6 new plays overnight out of thin air!

26 Wild Hours Playwrights include:
Steven Ackley, Sarah Chichester, Samantha Irene, Allison Lowenstein, Melissa Money, and Joe Norton

Directors include:
Dan Barron, Toney Brown, Katie Gilmartin, Joey Lubelfeld, Holly P. Strange, and Ben Tostado

Actors include:
Ivy Elwell, Franca Paschen, Marianna Vily, Rachel Balcanoff, Marcus Crawford Guy, Krystal Ballard, Madalyn Pedone, Alphonso Walker Jr., Dan Chen, Kiyo Takami, Mary DeCarlo, Carina Goebelbecker, Sarah Veillegas, Tarra Jackson, Killian Locke, Anna Whitty, Briana Sakamoto, Mikael Deckelbaum, Judy Brown Steele, Hope Morawa, and Lisa Youngs

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