Wild Project Presents

EVQ Film Festival: Night 5

Featuring Six Dramatic Shorts

August 25 @ 7PM

directed by Craig Harwood
17 mins (US)
Haunted by his mother’s drowning, a genderqueer teen, is forced to spend the day with his father's new health freak girlfriend, but he isn't interested in the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids, walks on the beach or motherly advice.

directed by Jake Graf
15 mins (UK)
trailer: vimeo.com/209270751
Growing up in 1950s England in an intolerant and uninformed world, young Chris Winters struggles to fit into the gender roles dictated by wider society. A more than tough childhood left behind, Chris meets dream woman Julie, and life lightens a little, but the growing feeling that theirs is a life half lived haunts him.

directed by Jessica Adler, written by Kate Montgomery
10 mins (US NYC)
trailer: vimeo.com/132133123
With the help of her best friend, Christine redefines her perception of strength and what it means to be herself. CHRISTINE stars Jordan Jones & Logan Reinhart.

directed by Dorian Carli-Jones, written by Tyler Byrnes, Dorian Carli-Jones
9 mins (US NYC)
trailer: vimeo.com/197559799
A gay man is forced to give up the last remaining vestige of yet another failed relationship: his ex's jacket. But during the post-breakup stuff exchange, belongings are not the only things that get swapped.

directed by Ethan Roberts
6 mins (US)
A lonely young man rhythmically narrates his leap from isolation to ecstasy when he meets a beautiful stranger in a bar. Sitting alone at the bar of a shadowy dance club, Otter drinks beer after beer, attempting to combat his inability to connect with other gay men. Suddenly he finds himself next to Jack, an ineffably intoxicating young man who is similarly alone. The two descend into the lamp-lit streets and alleys of the city, together escaping the thought of another lonely night.

directed by Ashley George
18 mins (US NYC)
trailer: vimeo.com/202486300
Dreamy teen drama exploring young love, sexuality and friendship dressed in grungy 90s nostalgia. A confused teen girl drags her female best friend and lover to a guy’s house one rocky afternoon. While she experiments with her blurry sexuality, she also sacrifices their young love and friendship.



directed by Josh Sinbad Collins
90 mins (Australia)
trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=-SORiQGHlKo
Starring ‘Queen of Erotica’ Miss Kitten Natividad, cult retro rocker King Khan, Mexican Elvis El Vez, narration by Aussie rock devil Tex Perkins and a stomping sound track by some of Melbourne’s finest garage rockers, ‘Fags in the Fast Lane’ is set in a hyper-real world packed with bizarre characters, revolting villains, and larger than life heroes. When Beau and his Herculean sidekick set off to avenge a spree of violent attacks on their fellow gays, he is waylaid on a vital mission for his beloved mama, Kitten, when her GILF bordello is robbed by the giantess leader of a grotesque burlesque show. With the help of a lethal cross dressing Persian Princess and a Bollywood eunuch assassin, this unlikely team of avengers set off to retrieve the lost booty in a full-throttle, rock ‘n’ roll feast of camp destruction and dangerous dance numbers. Will they be able to recover Kitten’s beloved jewels and magical golden phallus? They’d better!

directed by Taryn Brooke, written by Taryn Brooke & Jared Evan
5 mins (US - NYC)
In this silent dark comedy, on a night out by herself, a transgender female tries to navigate a busy bar and attempts to overcome her fear of and increasing need to use the bathroom with the gender she identifies with.

directed by Alexandra Serio
10 mins (US NYC)
Clare, a 30-something New Yorker, is mending a broken heart and ego after her last relationship ended in catastrophe. She's moving out in an attempt to move on with the help of some newly acquired New Age spiritual practices and a lot of crystals. However, the clarity she so desperately seeks arrives unexpectedly following a visit from a friend spurring a change of plans.