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December 15-17 @ 9pm

Nublu features big chunks of musical performances from Nublu Orchestra, Henry Threadgill’s Ensemble, Sun Ra Arkestra, Brazilian Girls, Jojo Mayer’s Nerve & more, whilst visiting the history of some of the earlier jazz clubs in the East Village.

The film also focuses on some of the prominent characters of Nublu. lhan Ersahin, a composer/saxophonist, the founder and the music curator of Nublu, guides us through the opening of Nublu, the development of Nublu Orchestra with Butch Morris, and his curation of the two other Nublu Jazz Festivals in São Paulo and Istanbul.

Petar Timotic, the resident artist of Nublu, talks about some of his paintings on Nublu’s walls; particularly his sketch on Ahmet Ertegun, his controversial painting on Julian Assange, and his live painting depicting the last performance of Butch Morris.

Butch Morris, a conductor, composer and cornetist, discusses his motivation for developing his craft and the distinct musical grammar that he employs during his conductions.

Butch’s passing pushes a close collaborator, drummer and a regular of Nublu, Kenny Wollesen to succeed him as the conductor of Nublu Orchestra. The film concludes on this note with a tribute performance in memory of Butch Morris.

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