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New York No Limits Film Series

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April 12 @ 7:30PM

New York No Limits Film Series, an on-going collection of screening events, returns April 12th with its first short film program of 2017. New York No Limits programs films that embody the purest vision of the filmmaker without commercial interference. Concurrently, NYNL supports and nurtures the next generation of noteworthy filmmakers by providing a platform for artists to explore and develop his or her cinematic craft.

The April 12th event features a diverse program of 8 short films imbued with the filmmakers vision.

AN ATRAMENTOUS MIND, Lonnie Edwards & Layne Marie Williams directors, U. S., experimental
A police officer is confronted with his own abuse of power and his newfound perspective saves him from making a deadly mistake. The film tackles police brutality and the war on black bodies.

DEM DEM!, Christophe Rolin / Pape Bouname Lopy / Marc Recchia directors, Senegal/Belgium, narrative
On a regular fishing day, Matar discovers a mysterious bag on a beach of Dakar. Inside he finds a passport of a Belgian man with African origins. He starts to imagine looking like him. Days are going by, the appearance of Matar is changing and he becomes more and more enigmatic to his wife Nafi. On his way he crosses N’Zibou a crazy wise man who measures the clouds. He questions Matar about his identity. One day, Matar disappears.

HUSH, Michael Lewis Foster writer / director, U. S., narrative
A single mother struggles to raise her 8 year-old son, Caleb, who seems to be going out of his way to make her life a living hell.

LEAVING CHARLIE, Amanda Brooke Avery & Diane Calhoun directors, written by Amanda Brooke Avery, U.S., narrative
A young queer woman discovers and re-evaluates her boundaries in life and in her job as a stripper.

PRYOR TIME, Aaron Sheer writer & director, U.S., narrative/comedy
In 1986, a boy leaves his safe, suburban home to attend a Richard Pryor comedy show in New York City.

RYE MANHATTAN, Michael Goldburg director / Michael Goldburg & David Chan writers, U. S., comedy
A young man waits for his dream date... at the wrong bar. In the vein of Martin Scorsese's "After Hours," RYE MANHATTAN is a charming, fast-paced comedy from the award-winning filmmakers of WHAT'S EATING DAD? about how finding the right person in the world of modern dating is tough.

THE SILENCE, Ali Asgari director & writer, Iran, narrative
Fatma and her mother are Kurdish refugees in Italy. On their visit to the doctor, Fatma has to translate what the doctor tells to her mother but she keeps silent.

STOWAWAY, Kenneth Anderson director & writer, U. S., narrative/comedy
A woman secretly embarks on a voyage at sea.

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