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Directed by Karen Case Cook

Matt Baguth, Avondre Beverley, Desmond Confoy, Serigo Fuenzalida, John Lenartz, Zach Lusk, Lori Parquet, Morgan Rosse, Craig Smith, Jim Sterling, Elise Stone and Josh Tyson.

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January 27 @ 7:30PM & January 28 @ 2PM

The Infernal Machine lives comfortably between the worlds of mid-century farce and Greek tragedy in the sparkling translation by Albert Bermel.

He’s arrogant, cocky, virginal and he doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to have a thing for mom in Jean Cocteau’s witty and urbane retelling of the Oedipus story, The Infernal Machine. In this magical modernization of the Greek tragedy the enigmatic Sphinx is a bored young girl who slips him an answer to that tricky riddle because well... she's bored and he's handsome and a welcome diversion.

Among the great figures who pioneered the modern movement in world literature, none showed himself more versatile than France’s Jean Cocteau. Poet, novelist, critic, artist, actor, film-maker, Cocteau was also one of the greatest dramatists Europe has produced. Join us for this staged reading featuring the artists of Phoenix Theatre Ensemble and directed by NYITA nominee Karen Case Cook (Don Juan In Hell).

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