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Push Productions
& J. Edward Cecala
Ian McWethy's


Wild project is renting the theater out to Push Productions. For more information:


  • Producer: Push Productions
  • Author: Ian McWethy
  • Director: Michael Kimmel
  • Set and Lighting Design:
    Ben Kato
  • Costumes Design:
    Jessica Gaffney

We all know them. We've shared apartments with them. We've had sex with them and those a**holes never called us back. Actors. The bane of this city's existence. Now it's time to laugh at their shortcomings- this February and March at The Wild Project.

ACTORS ARE F*@#ING STUPID is a dark comedy an unapologetic look at a few super-hot young actors who will do anything to get cast. It is set during the final callbacks for an MTV-produced feature film, in which four actors do anything in order to assure getting cast. The action goes back and forth between the waiting room and the auditioning room, until every monologue has been emoted, every lie has been revealed, and every shred of dignity has been given. Casting couch? Check. Back-stabbing? Check. Pretentious actor warm-ups in the downward-facing-dog position? Check. This play lovingly takes a look at all the worst elements of the business.

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