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A twisted love story by Anthony Neilson, directed by Timothy Haskell, Meital Dohan, Gian Murray Gianino


  • Producer:
    Electric Pear Productions
  • Producer:
    Melanie Sylvan
  • Creative Producer:
    David Ambrose
  • Associate Producer:
    Liebman Entertainment
  • Associate Producer:
    La Lutta
  • Associate Producer:
    Gabrielle Brechner
  • Playwright: Anthony Neilson
  • Director: Timothy Haskell
  • Sound Design:
    Daron Murphy
  • Costumes Design:
    Wendy Yang
  • Dramaturge:
    Annie Nocenti
  • Casting:
    Tribeca Casting


  • Meital Dohan
  • Gian Murray Gianino

The controversial play that shocked the UK.

Stu and Abby love each other so madly, they're driving each other crazy. Stitching follows the increasingly disturbing and inventive games the couple plays in order to connect. As they circle and test each other, they role-play with reality and fantasy to the point where even they don't seem sure what is real anymore. When Abby discovers she's pregnant, the choices they make will haunt them forever. The visceral poetry and physicality between the lovers creates a surprisingly tender, often humorous, brutal romance. Stitching is a complex love story that takes a bracing look at the startling casualties of modern romance. "Anthony Neilson's Stitching is one of the most exciting plays of the yearŠ I left the theatre with my pulse, and my mind racing." - Time Out London

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